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Friday, April 24, 2015
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As many of you should be aware of by now, WOW, Women of Wrestling, is coming back! After the long negotiation process of trying to find a proper distribution channel, WOW has re-enforced what many of us have said before, the television networks do not have the power to keep us from releasing our content to the world and that the internet is the great equalizer. WOW has hit the reset button and begun pushing out it's programming for fans for to view once more via a digital platform. You can find all their content on their Youtube channel and Facebook page. Search WOWsuperheros for both.

They've already debuted a new series featuring repacked clips of the original 2001 series called, WOW Flashback, the unaired Season 2 of WOW is scheduled to be released sometime after  March (after Wrestlemania) and, we assumable, a third season is at least in discussions behind the closed door offices of WOW headquarters. If in fact they are in talks to proceed with another season of WOW it only begs the question, whom should be on the roster?

First, let me say that the program has always been a very fun, colorful product and even a bit more grounded than it's predecessor, GLOW. The characters or Superheros if you will, fit that description as well and I certainly cannot think of having the WOW program without a roster of personalities such as a “Fabulous” Lana Star, a Jungle Grrrl, a Caged Heat (Delta Lotta Pain and Loca) and others. However, during it's hiatus of the tapings, some of the roster, most notably Tatevik the Gamer, have engaged in wrestling outside the WOW “universe”.  Some roster members were Independent wrestling stand-outs before stepping in a WOW ring. The names have changed but the talents of a Jessie Belle Smothers(aka Jessie Jones), Hudson Envy(aka Spike) and current NWA Women's World Champion Barbie Hayden(aka Abilene Maverick) clearly wrote them a ticket onto the roster and I can only imagine that they would be more than happy to accept other ladies of equal talents into their fold. The question is, “who should they pick?”

Here a few suggestions from the offices of the Women's Pro-Wrestling Network as to talented ladies that could easily work inside WOW. Please, understand this is simply based on the work rate of these ladies and overall personality they've displayed with us in interviews, match coverage, phone conversations, etc. There are far to many ladies to included everyone that you know so save further suggestions for the comment section (We and WOW would love to hear them!)

Aja “Super” Perera. I can't think of a more suitable wrestler today that should be on the WOW roster than this young lady. The superhero gig she's already got down and placing her in a colorful, flamboyant outfit wouldn't feel out of place on her in the least. In fact, I'm pretty sure she'd take to it like a fish to water. Aja has proven to be one of the single most dedicated women to the wrestling business that we've ever seen and with her recent branching out to working the Northeast along with her given Southeast territory, she's continually building her profile and making herself a go-to name. Her in-ring time is short by comparison of some of the other “indy” wrestlers that have made it to the WOW roster but her enthusiasm, heart and willingness to put in the time levels that playing field.

Mercedes Martinez.  What can we say about Mercedes that hasn't been said already? She's easily one of the best lady wrestlers in the world. As a 14+ year veteran she takes the business very seriously and will do what is necessary to help push a company as far as possible. She still dishes out great matches one after another with seemingly many miles left in her tank. One of the things that she gets over looked for is that she's diverse. Most of the fans that follow her only see the super serious in-ring “killer” of Mercedes but in her brief run in the Wrestlicious promotion (as Mara Toro) she displayed a very different side of herself. She's said it was one of the most fun experiences she ever had being able to channel a different character for once and not be so serious in the ring. Just knowing that gives her a extra thumbs up in our book. Mercedes, more than anything, deserves a shot at a widely recognized promotion. She can do just about anything in between the ropes, she's professional and how she hasn't been signed somewhere is a crime. If we were opening an all women's promotion, she'd be a first round draft pick.

The Rockettes (“Rock and Roll” Rock-C and Tiffany Roxx) The Rockettes are a bit of rarity in women's pro-wrestling in that they're a tag-team act. Now yes, there are some places for tag team ladies to ply their trade, but not many. When you really examine the field you have WSU, Shimmer, SHINE, a few independents in-between and that's pretty much it. In fact, in recent years they've taken to working more solo matches than tag even when they're appearing on the same card simply because the bookers doesn't want to book a tag match or there's no team available for them to work. It's one of the great shames attached to the women. The opportunity to do something, long term as a unit, are slim. Very slim. Both ladies are good in the ring, entertaining and more importantly durable. They're willing to take the beating to score the win. It would be great to see a team like the Rockettes get a shot at the WOW Tag Team scene. Can you imagine them against a Bully Busters, or The All American Girls or even the dreaded Caged Heat? That's a season worth of matches right there!

Andréa. What would anyone's roster be without a powerhouse? Andréa is maybe one of the top 5 strongest women on the independent circuit right now and even though she's been booked primarily as a heel I could definitely see her as a babyface in WOW. And what adds to her is the story she brings. If she were working under me, I'd have a series of sit down interviews with her to illustrate this incredible come back that she's gone through to be in a ring once again. You have to address the outstanding weight loss and transformation she went through to go from onetime TNA Knockout, Rosie Lotta Love to the current amazon powerhouse, Andréa. This story is rich and I fully believe she's capable of making the public feel for her and her journey.

The Great Cheyenne. If you going to have a super baby-face then you need a monster heel to take on. Not many fit that bill but the Great Cheyenne certainly does. Cheyenne is a practiced villain in the ring for live crowds so working that for a television audience should be a piece of cake. Much like the afore mentioned Andréa, Cheyenne is a strong young lady and believable in the fact that she could toss more than half of the roster around. She's the type of talent that could remain in “beast mode” long enough for her to meet “her match” at a big event and put the rising talent over. The Great Cheyenne portrays herself almost as constantly angry and ready to hurt someone. Which is great! Couple that with the with the worldly experience she has working in different countries both with experienced wrestlers, novice talents and the completely untrained, I find her and a fantastic talent to sign.

Athena. All that needs to be said here is the O-Face. Every so often you get a wrestler who's move is so unique and appealing that they could legitimately sell tickets for people to try and see it done. The O-Face Stunner is that move. On top of that “The Goddess of Wrestling” Athena is a spectacular talent. Clearly beyond being a one-trick pony there are many tools in her bag but far and away the spinning top-rope stunner known as the O-Face is a huge seller. Much like The Rock and his People's elbow or Petey Williams and his Canadian Destroyer, her move has all the makings of being able to get people to watch on the off chance they may see it performed. Having a eye-candy move is never something you want to over use but placed in the proper situations, with the right story build behind it, nailing a move like that could blow the roof off any building.

Those names listed are just a few of the ladies that could do big things in a WOW environment. Of course there are more that could do just as well. Pandora, Jordynne Grace, Kikyo Nakamura, and others have the tools to succeed and help elevate the company and who knows, maybe some will be picked in the future. It's possible. Who would you suggest?

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