NXT Divas hit RAW hard

Monday, July 13, 2015
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Brian Green

The landscape of women’s wrestling in the WWE has changed and hopefully for the better! The pleas of many fans  have been answered as three of the top tier ladies of NXT have been moved up to the WWE’s main roster making their long awaited debuts (in Charlotte’s case a re-debut) on Monday Night RAW. Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks are all women who’ve had outstanding matches as of late on the NXT Takeover specials and the NXT program.

The WWE’s Divas division has long needed an influx of new talent and this maybe the shot it needs. Assuming that WWE director Kevin Dunn or Vince McMahon himself doesn’t undermine the ladies with ridiculous storylines or two minute matches there’s really no reason these ladies can’t aim to main event RAW or even a WWE special event (aka Pay-Per-View) on the Network someday. All of these ladies are extremely talented and for anyone that’s watched them perform –including Bailey-- they deserve to be treated as main eventers.  

The only real draw-back is that NXT could now be a bit bare in their women’s division that they’ve built so well. Although I’m sure Banks, Charlotte and Lynch won’t just disappear immediately, the writing is on the wall and it’ll be up to the huggable Bailey to hold the division together before she’s called up as well. The end result here is that so long as the WWE gives these ladies the time and effort they were allowed in the NXT brand to be everything they could be, this could be a boom period in women’s wrestling. We just hope Vince’s personal ideals towards women in the ring won’t make him turn back the clock and put them back in the filler spot of the show.