Peachstate Wrestling Battle Royal (Review)

Friday, May 06, 2016
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First off kudos to Peachstate Wrestling Allliance for finally pulling the trigger on a women’s wrestling division. On May 6, 2016 PWA held a battle royal to crown their first ladies champion. Although the match had one male participant with “The Inter-Gender Icon” Ashton Starr (and arguably another with Ventress) it would be the first major multiple women’s outing for the promotion and a match was fun to see.

The match featured eight competitors in a gauntlet style battle royal. It seemed to be assumed that everyone knew how the gauntlet style battle royal works as there was no real explanation of the rules before it began or the intervals in which the competitors would enter. Without having any real established frame of time between entries and no announcement of the time either, it lacked the element of having one or more of the participants telling the story of them really struggling to fight the opposition and surviving for a lengthy period.

The main story here was Pandora and her issues with Brooklyn Creed. These two are easily the established act in PWA. It’s the angle that the fans were definitely into and wanted to see resolved. If nothing else, after making her first appearance in Peachstate over a year ago, they wanted to see Pandora win the title. All other ladies in the match, however good they may have been, seemly were not established enough to the audience for them to care. Pandora has been the foundation of the women’s matches in Peachstate since fall 2015 and nearly every other female wrestler that’s come in and out has simply been a rotating member of the roster. None have the longevity that Pandora has and that’s more than likely why the fans in attendance were disconnected once she was eliminated. But that’s getting ahead of the review.

The match started with Ashton Starr drawing the number one position followed by Pandora at number two. Within seconds Ashton went out over the top rope after attempting to charge Pandora, who simply yanked the top rope down to avoid him. Now the match would be contested with all women (we assume). Next entrant would be Crystal Rose. Rose would be followed by (in order of entry) “The Powerhouse” Jessica Leigh, Ventress, Brooklyn Creed and Harlow O’Hara. All ladies managed to get in the ring before the eliminations kicked off. Brooklyn would be knocked out of the match first after a mistake by Ventress. Ventress was aiming for Pandora but hammered Brooklyn in error and eliminated her from the match. While Ventress was trying to explain “herself” -- Harlow O’Hara, Jessica Leigh and Pandora all hit a triple drop-kick which sent Ventress to the floor. Harlow, who wanted to celebrate with her newfound friends, was immediately turned on and eliminated by Leigh and Pandora. The match had come down to three. Brooklyn Creed, who refused to leave ringside, had Ventress enter the ring again and confront Pandora. With her back turned Brooklyn nailed an elbow that drove Pandora over the top rope. Although she fought to hold on, both Ventress and Brooklyn managed to eliminate her with punches, kicks and bites. Even though Brooklyn and Ventress were already out of the match, once you were on the floor the elimination stands. So Pandora was officially out. The two continued to fight on the floor while in the ring the final two began to brawl as well.

Jessica Leigh and Crystal Rose were looking to make history for the PWA that night and secure the first ever women’s championship title in that promotion. They fought hard and fired out an entertaining exchange of forearm shots, shoulder blocks and punches. Although both ladies looked good in their presentation, the audience (as stated earlier) simply wasn’t into the match once the Pandora/Brooklyn element had left. In the end Crystal scored with unique knee lift and was able to then shove Jessica out of the ring to become the first PWA Women’s Champion. The crowd remained mild and uninterested until the music for Bill Behrens (the lead heel of PWA) came out in to congratulate Crystal on her victory. He told her that his faction, The Kingsmen, once had a great female member in Merica Strong but since Pandora defeated her (in a Loser Leaves match –available on our Youtube channel) she was no longer in the group and essentially wanted to offer her Merica’s former spot in the Kingsmen now that she was champion. Crystal was insulted by the offer since he only wanted her now that she won the championship and slapped Behrens in the face. That popped the crown and put Crystal in their good graces as they chanted “thank you”. And with that one move, she became a new babyface champion for the Peachstate crowd.


Overall the match was enjoyable although it’d have been nice to have had it go longer as traditionally gauntlet matches are a means to test endurance but as the match was about ten minutes in length it felt a bit short, particularly for a main event.

If you’d like to see the match, in full, please go over to our Youtube channel and watch.