The Turn Of Pandora

Sunday, April 24, 2016
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Mr. Green

 Brian Green. This is the face of me turning on A.J. Steele….


That was the message I received at 12:59 am, 4-24-16. This was, apparently, an attack some months in the making …. perhaps years. Pandora, one of the top names in women’s wrestling throughout the Southeast Region had been beloved by many of fans. She’s was always good for giving constantly hard fought matches against a variety of opponents. We at the WPN had the privilege (or it used to be a privilege) to cover many of them for a good deal of time. In fact, she strongly suggested that we show up at the Southern Fried Championship Wrestling show that evening as she said, “something special was going to happen”.  Unfortunately, our cameras couldn’t be there due to a prior commitments but she certainly did deliver something “special”. She turned her back on her long time partner, A.J. Steele and joined with one of his most hated enemies, “The Big F’N Deal” Geter. An attack from behind, a belly-to-belly suplex by a 300 plus pound monster and a DDT coup de grâce from Pandora left A.J. laying face down in the ring as Pandora celebrated her triumph on the shoulders of her new ally. A picture is worth a thousand words, it was a terrible sight. 

Sooooooo don't inbox me, don't message me, don't call me and ask me WHY... Be at SFCW on May 7th and I will let you people know what you need to know.....

That was the open message she left for the fans she put in awe of her actions.  It can’t be stressed how much the fans loved her. Pandora carried a wide demographic in fan support. You can practically pick any video we’ve posted with her in the last two years and you’ll see the crowds that have backed her up in the many ring wars she’s been in. Now she’s thrown it all away. And why? Because some lingering issues she’s had with A.J. that stem back to 2013? Only she knows and Pandora only wants to tell at her next appearance on May 7th.  One thing is for certain, she’s definitely convinced that what she did was right and anyone that questions that is clearly misinformed. I found this out conversing with her on Facebook.

ME: Pandora there will be a write up these dastardly events on the Women's Pro-Wrestling Network page.

Pandora: There was nothing dastardly about this Mr. Green .... Get the facts then post your opinion.

ME: I've covered your matches over the last 3 years. I've seen your highs and lows. I will review the footage when released and give my proper opinions then. But the pictures of you, on the shoulders of A.J.'s enemy --Geter, standing over a fallen A.J. says a lot.

Pandora: It says that I forget nothing and I wait for the right time, place and person to destroy what I want taken out!

ME: "The Big F'N Deal" Geter and Pandora together. I never would have thought it.

Pandora: Well you should probably get used to it because we have one purpose in mind and that is the complete annihilation of A.J. Steele.

Pandora’s target is clear. Her reasoning is not. I was one of the people that saw Pandora change and become one of the single most popular wrestlers (male or female) that the area had to offer. I, like many, probably hoped she had seen the light and fully gave up on her old heinous ways but it looks as though I can no longer label her popular. Given this “plan” of hers to get A.J. Steele, the amount of commitment and acting it took to convince us all that she gave a crap, devious is the better term.

You disappoint me Pandora. You really do. 

"Calm Like a Bomb" Pandora, up on the shoulders of her personal hitman, Jeter, as they celebrate the horrible actions they just committed.