The Unfair Judgement of Eva Marie

Monday, December 14, 2015
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Brian Green

Eva Marie is pretty bad. There I said it but I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. She just doesn’t appear to have the aptitude to be a professional wrestler however she does have the will. That’s at least a start.

I do have to say though that she’s in a fairly bad position if you think about it. Recently, some wrestling news sites and bloggers have taken to their keyboards to express their dissatisfaction with Ms. Eva Marie and the “push” she was supposedly receiving on her way to becoming the next top contender for the NXT Women’s Championship.  Given the standard that the NXT women have created in match quality alone I can understand the concern of possibly giving her any title shot. She isn’t ready for that by any stretch of the imagination (although it’s already happened) but as I said, she’s in a fairly bad situation.

Eva Marie debuted in the WWE in 2013. Most of that time since the debut she was attached to the WWE’s reality program, Total Divas. Wrestling and how to do it properly was an afterthought.  Why wouldn’t it be when you have a Kevin Dunn and Vince McMahon who haven’t shown any interest in women’s wrestling at all?  In fact, they have made a practice of the theory “put them in the ring now and we can show them how to wrestle later”.  Unfortunately, that’s been applied to many girls that have come through the WWE in recent years and the most celebrated of those under that ruling is Eva (although not the only –see Cameron).  You couple that train of thought with the idea that Total Divas pretty much dictates the storyline and roles of the Divas roster and then you’ve got a recipe for disaster.  

Eva was put on the main roster’s TV with little to no training because it wasn’t important to WWE creative and the fact that she was terrible in the ring meant nothing. To Eva’s credit she did make effort to get some in-ring credentials behind her by joining Brian Kendrick to train. However, it’s seems that wasn’t enough. Despite best efforts Eva just seems to fall short in the wrestling department. But is there too much pressure on her? The fact is Eva’s basically under a year’s worth of in-ring competition. How good are you supposed to be at this point? NXT has grown so much in the last two years or so we tend to forget that it is, or at least was, a developmental system. You’re supposed to be able to screw up there but with more and more incredibly talented people coming in, it only shines a light on how under-trained she really is. Like her or not, Eva has been under the gun to be good unlike most other girls there. She’s too big a star not to be on TV but too inexperienced a wrestler to be in anyone’s ring. She has no indie wrestling experience under her and probably never will. She’s had the best match she was probably capable of during her NXT Women’s title match with Bayley and a good portion of that match was extra “smoke and mirrors” to cover the fact that Eva is just not in the same league as the other girls there.

Eva should be on the undercard of the show with other girls that are better than her. She should be learning the instinct, timing and skill it’s going to take her to grow as a competitor but solely based on the fact that she’s a “Total Diva” star, the WWE’s backed themselves in a corner where they can’t underutilize her time on television because she gets a visceral response from the audience. She get’s BOOED and booed hard! She’s probably the biggest heel the company has if you really think it over.  The end result is this, Eva should’ve been allowed the time to screw up. Girls on the indies didn’t just appear great one day. They screwed up, every single one of them. The difference is they had the advantage of screwing up in front of small crowds of people. Maybe those indie “darlings” were working in front of a crowd of fifty or so, maybe less people than that. If you’re going to screw up that’s a great time to do it. Eva is not only screwing up in front of a larger live crowd, she’s doing on with the world wide exposure of the WWE pushing her as well.  That can’t be a great feeling. Eva is terrible in the ring but at this stage of her career isn’t she supposed to be?