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Monday, June 08, 2015
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Hello fans of Women's Wrestling! This is our introduction to what our blogs are and what you can expect. First off, this is the location that random thoughts about some of the ladies, promotions, promoters, etc.,. that deal with and run women's wrestling will appear. Yes, we do have an audio podcast but those are primarily designed for interviews. A place you'd get to know the workers a little better. Here we're shooting the breeze on what ever topic that center on the ladies may come up. It's also less focused on the Independent circuit and will cover the broad scope of women's wrestling as a whole. WWE, TNA, Shimmer, SHINE, whoever.

This section of our website, simply put, is a free form point of expression about our feelings on the wrestling industry.

Now that we've said that we won't go on and on in this little intro. We'll just leave it with this... welcome to our website! Take a look around and we definitely appreciate all of your support!