Wendi Richter ... The "Ronda Rousey" of her Generation

Saturday, January 30, 2016
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Brian Green

Ronda Rousey is viewed as something of a trendsetter as she's become one of the most popular and top box-office attractions in the world. This is true, however, she is only the most recent version of this. You could look at other examples of women that rose to the top of their respective industries to become the most noted and dominant player of their time (ex. Laila Ali and Serena Williams) but in pro-wrestling one star presented her star-power back in 1986. The wrestler, Wendi Richter. Richter was the other noted player in the "Rock-N-Wrestling" Connection and had a very arguable point of being close to as popular (if not evenly) as Hogan at one point. In the early stages of the WWE(F) planting it's sports entertainment seed, Richter was attached to one of the most popular pop singers of the day Cindy Lauper. By proxy, this gave Richter exposure that most wrestlers to this day dream about. Even the popular wrestling news magazine Pro-Wrestling Illustrated did a story on it. Richter had all the tools it took to be a secondary attraction for the WWE(F) if the "machine" had gotten behind her. Unfortunately, Richter's run in the company was cut drastically short in her quest for equal or comparable pay to her male counter-parts who were working underneath her as she either headlined or worked semi-main event. Richter made her mark in the industry and today is a Hall of Famer but she certainly had the ability and the popularity to be the Rousey of the 80's if the company had only backed her up.