Nikki Bella ... Longest reigning Divas Champion???

Monday, August 10, 2015
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Two hundred sixty days and counting. That's the count on the current reign from WWE Diva Nikki Bella as she continues on the road to being the longest reigning Divas champion in WWE history. Now to be clear, Nikki Bella is not the longest reigning Diva over-all. For that matter she isn't the longest reigning Diva of the last 20 years as Trish Stratus' single longest championship reign extended a year with four hundred forty-eight days as the WWE Women's Champion in 2005 (and let's not even begin on the length of the Fabulous Moolah's various reigns). However since the Women's Championship has long since been retired we have to deal with the history of the Diva's Championship exclusively. Nikki Bella, for better or worse, is now the second longest champion in that division. Only second to A.J. Lee and it appears that she could very well surpass A.J's two hundred and ninety five days and she's only one other title reign away to tie both A.J and Eve Torres as the most reigns of the Divas.

Yes, Nikki is set to make history in the company. That is assuming the WWE is a petty as some fans say they are. Petty how? It's largely believed that some in the company simply do not want A.J. Lee to stand as the longest reigning Diva in company history and since Nikki was the given champion as A.J transitioned out of the WWE, she became the chosen one to fix that problem. That sounds somewhat far fetched for a multi-million dollar company to seemingly hold grudges against past performers or seek to wipe away their history/accomplishments but look no further than Summerslam 2004 when Randy Orton defeated Chris Benoit to be come the new champion and youngest champion in the WWE's history. Previous to Randy, Brock Lesnar held that accomplishment. In fact, the WWE touted  that Brock was the youngest champion in WWE history all the time. That is until he decided he no longer wanted to work for them and left. After that, a new young champion was crowned. He held the title roughly a month before losing it to Triple H but Randy's job was done. The WWE history books will now read the Randy Orton the youngest champion, not Brock Lesnar. 

So is that the path of Nikki? Is she simply a body to help break A.J's record? It would be disappointing if that were true. I personally believe Naomi should've won the title by now but that seems to be an after thought in the WWE creative. Nikki Bella has been criticized for not being the most talented in-ring performer at times (although she's much better these days) and some go so far as to say that she's only champion because of her relationship to the WWE's top guy, John Cena. Some of that could be true but Nikki still has to put in the work, I'll defend her there. In any case, about a month away and all questions should be answered. Personally, I think she's going to make it. She's not my choice but if we're going off of the path set in front of her now and the path looks clear. This time in September and Nikki will become the new standard in the WWE Divas division. As hard as it is for me to say that.

Longest reigning Divas champion ever? Not yet but she doesn't have long to go. I don't care so much that she isn't the most polished wrestler in the division –especially since Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch are on the main roster now but that's another blog-- that bottom line here is the likelihood of Nikki breaking the record is pretty good. Just know that records are made to be broken and certainly with the crop of talent they have coming up it wouldn't surprise me if a record was made by a new Diva to break the record Nikki Bella in the future. #Divasrevolution. It could happen.