WPN Interview with "The Wounded Owl" LuFisto

Saturday, May 19, 2018
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Mr. Green: First, thanks for taking the time to address these questions. LuFisto you’re easily one of the most notable names on the women’s wrestling circuit and it’s an honor to have you. So, let’s get to the questions!

I believe you’ve shown on various mediums that you’re talented outside of wrestling (graphic design, etc). Why do you continue wrestling when you could easily be doing something else?

LuFisto: Well, it’s not about doing “something else”. I do so much stuff in general. I’m really a jerk of all trades. I’m bilingual, have two degrees, multimedia and graphic design and I’ve worked in customer service and being a manager for years. Wrestling for me is an escape, an adrenaline rush, a place where I can push my limits and be that someone else for a few minutes. Nothing ever came close to that in terms of what it brings me so that’s probably why I’ve been having such a hard time quitting after so many years. I’m not too thrilled about the traveling and such but once I’m in that ring, I feel at home.

Mr. Green: What was the initial allure for you into pro-wrestling and why you’ve put yourself through the punishment you have? (I’ve seen some of those hardcore matches of yours back in the day --owch)

LuFisto: It’s always been about proving people wrong. I was told I would never be able to be a wrestler. I was too small, too fat and too ugly and also, wrestling was not for girls. Being told I can’t do something because I’m a woman has always pissed me off. I’m not necessarily a feminist but I believe in equality. That I can’t do something because of my gender doesn’t work with me. Same goes for hardcore wrestling… “Girls don’t do that. Don’t mess that face. Hardcore is too rough for women”… Oh yeah? Let me show you. :)

Mr. Green: You’re a Star Wars lover apparently, have the new films done their job or are they all hype? (also what was the worst SW movie – what was the best?)

LuFisto: They did get the job done because they’ve created new characters we care about. Even if the main three characters would be gone (Han already is and as for Princess Leia, we will see what they will do after the Last Jedi), I want to know more about Rey, Finn and Poe now. I have enough interested in them that I now want to follow them through their journey.
The worst movie for me is Episode I – The Phantom Menace. There are some good elements but a lot of unnecessary things too. I never watch it.
The best? The Empire Strikes Back. That’s where you know why this story is happening and who it starts from – Anakin Skywalker, father of Luke and now known as Darth Vader.

Mr. Green: Do you have any career goals left in the wrestling business or do you just take it as it comes?

LuFisto: Working for a major company has always been the goal. Since it doesn’t seem it’s going to happen unfortunately, I try to go with the flow.

Mr. Green: What is your favorite curse word?

LuFisto: FACK! In French? Tabarnak!

Mr. Green: I think it’s safe to say that you’re star on the independent wrestling scene. What do you attribute the fans taking to you so well over the years to?

LuFisto: Star is a big word. I believe I’m just someone who loves what she does and it shows. I also make sure to always meet with the fans and to reply to their messages as much as I can. I’ve always had a great relationship with them.

Mr. Green: In recent months you’ve formed a tag-team with Jordynne Grace named Team PAWG. I’ve heard the term used a bit but would you care to share with the readers what that actually stands for and why it was chosen? (I imagine Jordynne produced the name)

LuFisto: Actually, the name was chosen following several comments on YouTube from a match featuring Jordynne Vs me. Several times it said “Love those hot PAWGS beating each other.” What was a joke for us actually became a thing. Wanna know what PAWG means? Google it. ;)

For now, we will say it means: Perfect Athletes With Glutes! :D

Mr. Green: With the star power you possess, has Women of Honor and/or Impact Wrestling ever approached you about participating in their women’s division or all-female shows? If so, why did you not go?

LuFisto: Women of Honor never approached me. I add one match at ROH back in 2009 in Montreal against Daizee Haze and that it all.
As for TNA, I had a tryout schedule back in 2010 but it got cancelled when the company changed hands (Hogan-Bischoff era). I also did a GutCheck where I did pretty well and when there was a voting online, I was winning easily with thousands of votes but then suddenly the system was apparently not working. It happened twice. When they changed the website, I barely had votes this time. Wasn’t meant to be… And Al Snow said I didn’t look like Sable. :)

Mr. Green: What profession would you absolutely, positively not like to do?

LuFisto: In wrestling? Nothing I guess. I love everything from wrestling to being a referee, to being an agent or coach, a booker or working on some wrestling graphics. I really love being an agent and helping the younger generation put their matches together.

Mr. Green: Fans definitely want to see you as part of the WWE’s upcoming all women’s tournament. 1) If you go, would you want to attempt to pursue something full-time with the company if the opportunity is available or are you happy maintaining control over your own life/schedule? 2) If you don’t go, are you set to be the example of life of a wrestler outside of the WWE and that it can be fruitful on the independents (in the same vein as The Young Bucks).

LuFisto: Before thinking about what I would want to do, there would have to be an opportunity to start with. I try not to think about it and just live day by day and accept things I can’t control and that hard work doesn’t always pay off. That’s the main struggle here.

Mr. Green: Lastly, and certainly not a question most want to hear you answer, but you’ve been wrestling for some time now, have you put an end date on your in-ring career?

LuFisto: No. When the love is completely gone, then I’ll just disappear.

Mr. Green: Thank you for taking the time to address these for our readers and I certainly hope that we get the opportunity to see you wrestle live in our area very soon.

LuFisto: Thank you to everyone who’s been supporting me all those years. You are the fuel that keeps me going despite everything.

BONUS QUESTION: I understand you’re also a fan of Anime. So, what’s the best anime movie you’ve ever seen and why is it Ninja Scroll? (no –seriously – answer with your best one)

LuFisto: Actually, this is a total misconception because of my previous gimmick. I love anime ART, I don’t watch Anime, at least not on a daily basis. I’ll watch some stuff here and there and will read some novels like the “Death Note” series I started but that’s about it.


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