Dementia D'Rose

Height: 5' 5"
Weight: ???
Hair: Red-brown
Eyes: Brown
Hometown:  Atlanta, GA
Debut Year In Wrestling: 2010

Bio: Although she would never admit it today, once upon a time Dementia was known as Aisha Sunshine. Since that time, the persona of Aisha has been long buried underneath the insanity now known as Dementia D'Rose. Dementia has shown she enjoys a "good brawl"
Gimmick:  Strange, Deranged and over-all crazy person
Wrestling Style: violent ground and pound
Titles Held: N/A
Biggest Win: Defeating three other competitors (one of which was a male) in the first ROAR-4-WAR
Worst Loss: Although she never gave up, the worst loss to date has to be against long-time rival Pandora in the "Last Woman Standing" match. 
Favorite Moves/Holds: Psychotic Spin; Deranged Drop (Samoan Drop)
Finisher: D'Amnesia (Running Rear end crash in the corner)
Career Highlight: Going the limit with female hardcore legend Mickie Knuckles.