Jordynne Grace

Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair:  Brown w/Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Hometown:  York, PA (originally Carson City, Nevada)
Debut Year In Wrestling: 2011

Bio: Jordynne Grace kicked off her wrestling career at the ripe (and very young age) of 15. Since that time of her debut she's proven herself to be completely committed to becoming a full-time and accomplshed in-ring performer. She has relocated to Atlanta, GA and York, PA in order to accomplish her goals and with both moves she was able to take on the best those regions had to offer and slowly evole her game both in look and style. It shouldn't be long before you see Grace appear on someone's TV screen.

Gimmick:  The Last Pure Athlete

Wrestling Style: Power/Technical

Titles Held: LCW Vixen's Championship

Biggest Win:

Worst Loss: Losing in a tag-team match (with Heidi Lovelace) against the Hooligans at Beyond Wrestling.

Favorite Moves/Holds: Spear; Spinebuster; Standing delay Suplex

Finisher: Fall From Grace (Double Leg Slam)

Career Highlight: She's won championships in several promotions but her defining moments so far have to be getting in the ring with well respected talents of the wrestling community such as "The Hardcore Anime" Lufisto, former NWA Women's World Champion Barbie Hayden, "Crazy" Mary Dobson and Melanie Cruise. Being given the honor to take on those ladies truely speaks highly of Jordynne, the promoters faith in her and her outstanding abilities in the ring.