Merica Strong

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Debut Year In Wrestling: 2016

Bio:  Merica Strong has been recruited by several wrestlers (including Tommy Two-Much, Mike Posey and the Faces of Fear) to act as the muscle behind their cause. Even as she's been  touted as "the muscle behind the men", now she's moved her talents into the ring herself and no longer simply a valet. Through use of her superior strength she's tossed many opponents around, both male and female. Merica's ties are to whomever can pay the fee. If you've got the money she'll supply the muscle.

Gimmick: Bodyguard and muscle for hire

Wrestling Style: Power

Titles Held: none

Biggest Win: Defeating Pandora in her singles debut match.

Worst Loss: Losing to Pandora in a "loser-leave-PWA" match

Favorite Moves/Holds: Bearhug, Power-slam, Torture rack submission.

Finisher: The Two-Gun Salute (Camel Clutch Submission), American Stampede Powerslam

Career Highlight: Being featured on RIng of Honor television as the muscle for The Get-Along Gang. Also taking a Shotei Palm Strike from ROH wrestler, Cheeseburger in front of a national audience. 

Current Status: Retired (due to injuries)