Tragedy Ann

Height: 5' 4"
Weight: ???
Hair: Black
Eyes: White
Hometown:  Under your Bed
Debut Year In Wrestling: 2013

Bio: Tragedy Ann grew up believing she was tormented, teased, bullied and pushed to the side for everyone else --especially her sister--Aja "SUPER" Perera, although there's been no proof to back this up. This assumed neglect and torment resulted in her having one friend which is her doll. The Doll was the only "person" who loved, cared and listened to her. Her attachment grew to an unhealthy amount of her time being spent with her doll which made her grow up and wanting to be like the one thing she idolized. Now she's out to prove she's not the crazy, weird one and to bully and torment everyone else, making them feel the "pain" she's known all her life.

Gimmick:  Living embodiment of Evil Doll

Wrestling Style: ???

Titles Held: N/A

Biggest Win:

Worst Loss: Doesn't take any loss well but the biggest one she's suffered thus far has been at the hands of Aja "SUPER" Perera. Not only for the loss itself but that the pain Tragedy sought to inflict afterwards was thwarted by the new union of Nina Monet and Aja Perera which sent Tragedy into a hateful tirade.

Favorite Moves/Holds:

Finisher: Tragi-Knee (a running Knee) and a Spinning Facebuster

Career Highlight: